You’re Not Meant to Take Down the Mother of Your Children

A plea for change

A couple of years ago I envisaged a time when there would be peace. I fantasized about stepping off the treacherous rollercoaster that my life had become. …

Right or Wrong I Have a Fuck Buddy

My ex husband first named my new found friend, out of spite of course. Initially insulted but with some time, l thought it funny so I decided to run with it.

My fuck buddy has a name, I’ll call him Fred because…

Do Who Makes You Happy

My body new my marriage was over long before my mind ever did. In the mornings whilst making the bed I would look at the position of our pillows. His squarely on his side or in the middle towards mine. …

Martha Marvels

Today I define myself as marvellous — that’s all. I write about my experiences some less than marvellous sometimes more.

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